V-Candy Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is V-Candy a natural food?

Yes. V-Candy contain all natural ingredients

2) Is V-Candy safe?

Yes. V-Candy is safe for consumption and does not contain any aphrodisiac, illegal and harmful drug, steroids, etc.

3) Is it safe to take V-Candy if I have a heart problem, hypertension, diabetes or other medical condition?

V-Candy does not trigger excessive pressure towards the heart or blood pressure. However, in general, anyone on medical supervision should consult a doctor before taking any new kind of herbal supplement.

4) Can we take V-Candy long term?

Yes. long term consumption of V-Candy help improve your overall health.

5) Is consumption of V-Candy addictive?


6) What is the recommended dosage?

There are 10 candy in one pack and the dosage goes like this.

  • Take one candy the first day, in the morning, after breakfast.

  • Take one candy the second day, in the morning, after breakfast.

  • Take one candy the third day, in the morning, after breakfast.

  • After the first 3 days....

  • Take one candy every three to four days depending on your needs, in the morning, after breakfast.

Not every individual is the same. Some may experience vey fast reaction in their body and some slow.

These quantity of 10 candies is designed for an average of 30 days consumption based on our research. Some people may need a little more than 10 candies in a month and some may only take one candy a week after the initial 3 days. Some people will cut the candy into half for each dosage.

Please understand that this is an herbal recipe and it needs the initial build-up in the body system to kick start the circulation and make the "CHI" flow more efficiently

V-Candy can also be taken for instant energy enhancement. If you feel tired and lethargic, take 1 candy every alternate day to boost up your energy. Many of our users are long-distance truck drivers and taxi drivers who need the energy to stay alert and fresh while on the road.

7) Can V-Candy be taken with alcohol?

V-Candy can be taken with alcohol, without experiencing a drop in efficacy.

8) Can women take V-Candy?

Yes. V-Candy can improve women’s health and reduce fatigue effectively. (except: Pregnant women, breast feeding women)

9) Are there any adverse side effects?

To date, there has not been any reported cases of adverse side effects. However, a small percentage of users with pre-existing poor blood circulation or hypertension did experience a slight headache after consuming V-Candy. This is due to improved blood flow to the brain. However, regular consumption of V-Candy will eliminate this problem.

10) Why in Candy form?

This is because the nutrients can be directly absorbed through the tongue without being denatured by the stomach acid during digestion. This make V-Candy much more effective.

11) Will V-Candy interfere with other medications?

To date, there are no known complications arising from V-Candy and drug interaction. However, we do not recommend to take V-Candy & drugs at the same time.


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